How To Recover The GM MDI Software

During the update process of the GM MDI software, if there occurs a power failure or a communication error, the update process would be corrupted. Then there will show you a window of "Fatal error has occurred" and ask you go to the MDI Recovery Mode to recover this MDI, and maybe there will show you other error message, no matter what the error message is, just recover the MDI.


But how to recover the MDI, or we say how to make the MDI in a RECOVER state?


First, you need to remove the power from the MDI. Just disconnect the power cord and press the power button, make sure that all the LEDs are all off, and once the MDI power button doesn't shut off the power after you remove the power cord, then remove the batteries.


When you apply power to the MDI, press and hold the power button down and about 10 seconds later, release the power button, the MDI will start up in a recovery state with only the power LED lit. Then you can click the "MDI_Manager" icon to start the MDI Manager software, and connect the PC with the MDI by plugging the USB cable into them. When the MDI Manager software detects the MDI, it will shown on the "Detected MDIs" window. You need to select the MDI displaying the serial number matching your MDI and click "Recover" and the MDI Manager software switches to the "MDI Manager" tab automatically. On the "Recovery of MDI" window, select the latest version of the "MDI Recovery Image" and click "Start Update". Remember, never unplug the MDI from the PC or remove power from the MDI during the recovery process.


Last, when you see the message "The MDI will now automatically restart. Wait until you hear the 'beep', then the MDI is ready for use", click "OK". The MDI Manager software switches automatically to the MDI Explore tab and once it has finished the restart and Power On Self Test ,your MDI will show.


GM MDI Package


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